Thursday, October 28, 2010 -- Jolt The Vote

Why buy an expensive domain name for your short-term campaign needs when you can rent it? Great brandable domains like can be expensive.

Is available for short-term or even long-term rental.

Features of

--Brandable three-word term, 11 letters, each word short and only one syllable.

--Memorable complete sentence.

--Strong call-to-action urging voters to vote, yet with a sense of urgency.

--Catchy slogan, slant (near) rhyme. Could offer commericial options as well.

--Two very strong keywords for voting campaigns.

--Jolt = denotes quick action in getting out the vote and voting., the most trusted extension on the internet., the most popular extension on the internet, is also available.

--Great for display on TV, even 10 or 15 second spots!

--For radio spots and robo-calling, passes the pronunciation test.
Rental is available for 1 to 12 months.

Two options are available:
--Domain name is designated to your website hosting's nameservers, where you have complete technical control of your website, for the duration of your rental period.


--Redirected to your existing website, with the domain redirecting to it.
This is a public service or political party domain name that promotes voting and voting compaigns (or for any other voting project that you might have in mind).

For more information, please email.

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