Sunday, November 7, 2010 -- We The Vote

Why buy an expensive domain name for your short-term campaign needs when you can rent it? Great domains like can be expensive.

Is available for short-term or even long-term rental.

Features of

--Powerful and catchy slogan, which echoes the cornerstone of U.S. democracy: "We, The People," for We, The People, are truly empowered by our right to vote.

--We, the Vote: three-word term, 9 letters, each word short and only one syllable.

--Implicit call-to-action. Although there is no actual verb, the term itself suggests an action: To exercise our power and right at the polls.

--Very strong keywords for voting campaigns.

--We = All inclusive and refers to ALL voters. Refers to your intended audience, all eligible U.S. voters; places the responsibility on perspective voters.

--The Vote = Refers to the ultimate right that U.S. citizens enjoy. We TRULY are The Vote, the bloc who can decide the future of our country., the most popular extension on the internet., the most trusted extension on the internet, is also available.

--Great for display on TV, even 10 or 15 second spots! Intuitive term, a bold statement for all political parties AND voting organizations to embrace during election season.

--For radio spots and robo-calling, passes the pronunciation test.
Rental is available for 1 to 12 months.

Two options are available:
--Domain name is designated to your website hosting's nameservers, where you have complete technical control of your website, for the duration of your rental period.


--Redirected to your existing website, with the domain redirecting to it.
This is a public service or political party domain name that promotes voting and voting campaigns (or for any other voting project that you might have in mind).

For more information, please email.

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